Let the Florida Disability Lawyers at the Law Offices of E.F. Robinson, P.A., help you get the benefits you deserve and are entitled to. There is no attorney fee unless we are successful in obtaining benefits for you. SSA, by its fee agreement process, has essentially established a standard fee in social security matters: the lesser of either 25% of retroactive benefits for the claimant and auxiliary beneficiaries or $6,000.00.

How Long Does it Take?

At the initial and reconsideration levels, the decision as to disability is made by a state agency, applying uniform federal standards. There are some variations in allowance rates and claims processing times. In 2016, the average wait or delay to get a hearing date, after filing the request for a hearing is 316 days in Ft. Smith and 717 days in Miami. SSA needs more judges, clerical staff, etc. to resolve these excessive delays at the hearing level.

How Do I Apply?

One can most easily apply at present over the internet, at www.ssa.gov. The application can be done in stages and SSA allows you to return to where you left off. You can also download the disability report, medical releases, and other papers that are needed. You can also apply over the phone, calling SSA at 1-800-772-1213 for a telephone appointment to apply. One can also go to the local District Office and file. However one “applies” one should always be prepared with having an original or certified copy of the Birth Certificate, Marriage (and divorce) history, and earnings information for the current year and preceding year. As appropriate, this office will file applications for its clients.

What Can be Considered Disabling?

Any impairment, if it causes sufficient pain, fatigue, interference with attention and concentration, etc. can be grounds for disability. The more commonly seen impairments tend to be developmental disabilities, herniated discs or other pathology of the back or neck, blindness (both eyes), deafness (both ears), emphysema, asthma, hypertension, coronary artery disease, congestive heart failure, frequent stenting, chronic liver disease, Crohn’s disease, kidney failure, dialysis, kidney and other transplants, certain skin disorders, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, strokes, mental disorders, cancer, systemic lupus (SLE), other mixed connective tissue disorders, inflammatory arthritis, and HIV/AIDS. This list is not all-inclusive and only contains a few of the SSA listing of impairments.. After one applies, they are either granted or rejected. Those rejected can file a Request for Reconsideration. This appeal must be filed within 60 days of receipt of the denial.

Common Mistakes

• Not having skilled attorney representation – Social security disability adjudication has its own unique nooks and crannies, in addition to making a medical judgment and evaluating subjective pain, fatigue, etc. No matter how disabled you think you are, what your doctors tell you, what your friends tell you, what you hear on the street, etc., you need skilled representation. Your friends, doctors, etc. might be well-intended, but few are aware of all of the intricacies of social security adjudication. The fee is contingent upon being found disabled.

• Not seeing doctors – SSA goes primarily by what your doctors say. You, generally, are not a doctor. You are presumed to be not disabled until you prove to SSA’s satisfaction that you are. Without doctors, X-rays, lab tests, MRI’s, etc., there is no proof of disability. Stopping medical treatment, due to settling one’s Workers Compensation claim, no money, no health insurance, not seeming to get better, etc., merely deprives you of the necessary medical proof you are lacking. The medical records that you generate when seeing doctors are the basis of what I use to prove disability.

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When Dealing With Special Education Issues, Have An Experienced Florida Attorney On Your Side

Are you having problems with a school or school district with regard to a special education, accommodation or IEP issue? Are you having issues with a McKay scholarship? Has the school district, school or teacher failed to respond to, or answer your questions? Attorney Veronica Robinson has experience dealing with special education issues in private and public schools throughout South Florida. Attorney Robinson and her team handle a variety of issues surrounding special education cases.

Special Education Representation For Parents And Students

When parents run into conflict with a school or school district over educational issues for their special needs child, it can be a benefit to have a knowledgeable lawyer on their side. Working with Attorney Robinson gives parents the information they need to get the resources for their child. It also shows the school or school district that the parents are serious about their pursuit of a good education for their child.

When There Are Conflicts Regarding An Individual Education Plan, Get Help From A Knowledgeable Florida Attorney

Individual education plans, or IEPs, are put in place to help teachers and students alike. Unfortunately, when a child is assessed incorrectly or when a teacher does not understand the full extent of the IEP, conflicts can arise that can cause students to be labeled "bad kids" and teachers to be reprimanded for inappropriate behavior, all due to a misunderstanding.

The Law Offices of E.F. Robinson, P.A has been helping parents and children in Florida deal with special education and student disability issues for more than 15 years. By ensuring that both sides understand what is going on, many of these issues can be resolved quickly and efficiently. If problems have progressed beyond the point of a simple fix, Attorney Robinson has the experience and knowledge to represent you at hearings and to help you through due process or a state complaint when necessary.

I Need Help Getting My Child's Disability Accommodated

• It can be difficult to get any school, public, private or charter, to assess a child for an IEP and then follow it closely to ensure that child receives a quality education. If your child is labeled a "problem child," and is regularly disciplined for something he or she cannot control, it can become part of his or her permanent record and can affect the rest of his or her educational career. Veronica Robinson will help you put an IEP in place and ensure that it is done correctly so the school and the teachers understand your child's particular needs. Enlisting a lawyer's help shows the school that you are serious about getting your child the help he or she needs. Your child's future is at stake. Let Attorney Veronica Robinson help you find a solution.

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