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Welcome to the official site of the Law Offices of E. F. Robinson,  P.A. With offices in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area and South Florida, we are dedicated to providing you with quality and affordable legal services.  Dedication, hard work and dogged determination are the values that we prize most and believe are key ingredients to our success.




In our Washington D.C. metropolitan offices, we are plaintiffs' attorneys concentrating in the ever-emerging field of consumer and victim's rights law. Consumer law encompasses areas governed by both federal and state consumer statutes coupled with the common law actions such as fraud, constructive fraud and other equitable remedies. We sponsor The Legal Rights Hotline, 1-800-275-6164, 1-800-275-6164, a free information service designed to educate the public on consumer, debtor and accident victim rights. 


Our practice is concentrated in the areas of automobile dealer fraud, lemon law, foreclosure prevention, automobile repossessions, fair debt collection, fair credit reporting, consumer bankruptcy and personal injury law. In sum, we believe in debtor's and victim's rights and work to provide redress through the law for consumers and victims.





Our South Florida office, centrally located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, devotes its practice to family matters, consumer law, and civil litigation. We understand that when clients contact us, their major concern is that their legal issue should have only a minimal amount of impact on their day to day lives.  Therefore, we ensure that we utilize our legal skills to efficiently resolve the legal matter with a favorable outcome. The Law Offices of E.F. Robinson, P.A., is a firm believer in legal counseling. 


Our lawyers in the South Florida office specialize in family law – child custody, dependency, divorce, paternity, and child support cases.  As family law is an emotionally charged area of the law, our South Florida staff will provide you with the representation to resolve your family legal problems.  Of course, we also handle consumer law and other general civil matters in our South Florida office. 



















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